rao garuda

52 reasons you have less money than you could

Did you know that there are up to 52 ways you can be taxed?! Financial Standout Rao Garuda came to the United States with just $7 in his pocket and a drive to educate himself and others. What he learned about financial planning and tax law will astonish you, so tune in to learn from

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Dr John Witcomb

Are your kids overspending?

How do you talk to your kids about the importance of money when they “need” the latest iPhone or just “have” to have the newest trend in clothes? Dr. John Whitcomb has the answer! This episode’s guest is an Author and Physician and is ready to give you his best trade secrets on how to

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terry frett

Can you afford NOT to get health insurance?

“Why would I pay for something I’m probably never going to use?” Seems like a fair question, but what happens if you or your spouse fall ill and the cost of medicine spikes from $10 to $500? On this week’s episode, we brought back Financial Consultant Terry Frett to explore why you can’t afford not

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rebecca wesler

Top two threats to retirees

As baby boomers retire in droves, what does that mean for those of us still working towards it? This week we brought on Tax Attorney and Author Rebecca Walser to warn of the two biggest threats to wealth and how we can try to combat them.

David Walker

3 steps you can take to help the Federal deficit

America’s pile of IOU slips is rapidly growing. Tune in as David Walker, former Comptroller of the United States Currency, explains the enormity of the debt crisis, what we can do about it, and what you can do NOW to protect your financial situation from paying the price!

Scott Bushkie

How to enhance the value of your business pt. 1

Business owners, listen up because this show is for you! Sometimes you’re too busy working in the business to really take a step back and work on your business. This week and all month, Financial Professional Scott Bushkie is here for a 3 part episode to show why it’s important to keep working on your

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Scott Bushkie

How to enhance the value of your business part 2

Here’s something to think about: typically, 60 – 100% of your business’ worth will be used for your retirement. Will you be able to live off of the current value of your business, or does that sentence make you nervous? Scott Bushkie returns this week to continue the conversation of how to enhance the value

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Scott Bushkie

How to enhance the value of your business pt. 3

Did you know that for 64% of business owners, the company is the primary source of income to support them? Make sure you’re ready to transition out of your business by joining us for this week’s third and final episode with Financial Professional Scott Bushkie!