Accounting Pricing

Accounting Package

All prices listed are minimums and are based on the assumption our team would have access to your bank account feed. If we do not, pricing is billed by our time at $150/hr.

Add-On Packages

All prices listed are minimums.

Accounts Payable

*and $300 one-time setup fee

Payroll Services

*and $300 one-time setup fee

W2 Forms

*and $50 one-time setup fee

Sales Tax Filing

  • 1099s forms
    • $10 per 1099 form + $50 one-time setup fee
    • Included in Accounting Packages, but available as a singular service 
  • Accounts receivable
    • For up to 25 clients
      • $150/mo + $300 one-time setup fee
    • For 26+ clients
      • Pricing starts at $250/mo for 26-50 clients + $300 one-time set up fee. Every additional 25 clients adds $100/mo
  • Quarterly consultations 
    • $150/hr (Billed by time)
    • Includes a 1 hour call with Lead CPA Rhonda to keep you in touch with your business, for you to ask questions, and for us to open opportunities to save money and be more strategic